As a cooperative business we strive to work alongside people through food! We envision people using food to heal and nourish their body, mind, and spirit. Woke Foods is here to work with you by providing catering, meal planning, and cooking classes! Our services allow us to build a relationship with you that will add quality, nutritious, and culturally relevant plant-based foods to your life. Sourcing our ingredients from local New York community gardens and farms, using earth-friendly materials, and composting our waste. We are dedicated to running a sustainable green food business that protects our Mother Earth and you.



We provide full - service catering for your meeting, conference, party, and other gatherings. Woke Foods prepares plant-based and seasonal dishes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We choose biodegradable catering supplies, offer delivery, and pride ourselves in offering loving and attentive customer service. Our catering supports our community directly, by sourcing our ingredients ethically from local partners and providing jobs to immigrant women of color living in NYC. We have had the pleasure of providing food for social justice oriented events, organizations, and institutions throughout NYC and NJ. Take a look at our seasonal menu and let us cater to you!

Cooking Classes 

We invite you to discover a world of delicious plant-based foods and explore your kitchen skills through our hands-on cooking classes. We offer cooking classes that allow you to learn how to prepare fresh and easy plant-based dishes while building relationships with people. Our classes are taught by one or two experienced chefs that will teach you how to make different plant-based dishes. You'll learn knife care skills and to eat seasonally to energize your body. Our classes provide a space of positivity, community building, and learning that will give you confidence to go home and share your new learned knowledge with your people. Check out photos from our recent cooking classes. 



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Meal Planning - Coming Soon

We understand that meal planning for the week can be challenging, which is why we offer weekly meal plans to make your week easy, healthy, & plant-based! Our meals are prepared from scratch using organic, ethically sourced, and locally grown produce and the healthiest cooking methods possible. You can count on meals that are preservative and pesticide free, have no processed vegan ingredients, are free of hydrogenated oils, and can be made gluten-free, if requested. We are dedicated to making our meals culturally respectful, rich in nutrients, and balanced! Food is about giving you energy and your body nourishment to do life NOW.